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Order Form & Procedures

Know What You Are Doing
You are using the Grams Engineering Store to create an order form that will be reviewed by us before shipment. You will receive a contact from a representative either via phone or email confirming your order.

Payment Method
The store does not utilize any type of online payment system due to the nature of the products that we offer, thus, is the reason why we contact you to make sure you purchase the right product. We will notify you if adjustments in your order are neccessary. When a representative contacts you, you may then choose your payment method (Credit Card, Check, COD).

Product Guarantee/Warranty
Our products are manufactured to precise tolerances, and require no modifications. Our products are guaranteed to function properly when used correctly. However, tuning of your magazine tubes may be required if the desired reliability, round count, or OAL of your magazine is not obtained. If the “U-Pin” on your Grams Basepad is hard to push in or pull out, (as installed on the magazine tube) tuning of the tube may be required or damage to the base pad may result.

Please find a qualified gunsmith or call us directly at (949) 548-3745 for assistance. Magazine tuning services are available.

If for any reason a product has failed to perform, please call us for a free replacement. Self-modifications to a Grams product voids our warranty.